Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Elections are a-coming! (Updated)

In light of recent events, we all know the the next general elections are around the corner. *sings she'll be coming round the corner* (i've decided to take a lighter approach to the seriousness that is the nature of my blog)I shall show you 5 tell-tale signs that the elections are just around the corner.

5) All the banners for who is representing your constituency suddenly pops out like many wild mushrooms on a jungle floor! if you don't see this, you, sir, might be extremely daft.

4) Lamp Post and Street Lights are being fixed by DBKL. Evidently so that we can see the banners and buntings better.

3)Roadworks, major roadworks. Laying a new layer of tar on potholes, which coincidentally don't last as long as Kim Kardashian's marriage (oops). Pipe fixing, repairing of road curbs.

2) When people like myself, remind you of that the elections are coming. This one is for the real blind humans who can not see any of these above mentioned factors although its like standing next to the wall of your house and still walking into it.

And drum roll please *imagine drum roll*


Read here

However, with the number 1 being that, there is one more point that makes it beyond number 1, numero uno.

The point, bigger than that link I have just posted up.

*orchestra in the background*

DSAI being acquitted. Thats the biggest, i mean BIGGEST sign elections are around the corner. :)

Now, ladies and gents, prepare yourself for the elections!

P.s: even after reading this, if you still don't see that elections are coming, man are you dumb.

Signing out!

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