Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas carols, Santa Costumes and Police permits

I read this today. Read the article here

A quick update to this.

PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY ACT? NOT!! carolling has been nothing short of peaceful every year, with carollers brightening the lives of many christian and non christian rakyat in this country. You wonder in the future, if wedding kenduri's will need permits as they require to move around. Oh wait, what about Thaipusam? the throngs of Hindu's walking from their initial gathering site to batu caves. OH MY GOD! the horror of getting each and everyone's name. THE HORRORRRR!! ARGGGHHHH!!! It's becoming more troublesome day by day, wouldn't you say?

On the brightside, we have unifi now, maybe skype would be the best option for carolling. one call away, and boom! We have a festive cheer from your laptop/PC!! The day and age of Skynet (for those who have watched Terminator1-4) maybe coming true! *plays terminator theme*

Now you wonder, what is this country coming to. How much more can the jurisdiction of this act stretch? How do we cope? Hoi, people of the govt, if you are reading, think about it! Making it too difficult to live here. too difficult.

Signing Off.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Controversies, controversies, controversies.

There is a lack of controversies in our country. If Pinnochio were to say this, his nose would have probably gone the whole of earth's equator and back into his own ass from the lie. I fear if I were to speak of these controversies, this blog could be shut down. Oh well, I'll try and and be as fair as I can be to avoid setting some controversies myself. :)

The controversy surrounding Teoh Beng Hock's death has been a notable one. I wasn't there so I'm going based on my very own assumptions as to what I have read in the newspaper, online portals and what I hear from friends of mine who has given their view on the matter. So far, from what I have that that has been reported is that The late Mr Teoh, had supposedly committed suicide in the MACC office in Plaza Masalam in Shah Alam, by jumping off one of the floors where he was being investigated.

Circumstances surrounding this was extremely suspicious. Reason behind this being was that, he was interrogated way outside the time allowed by law. That was number 1, number two was why was all of Mr Teoh's belongings still in the possession on the MACC office. Hmmm. The Royal Commision Inquest into his death was created but the outcome was not as how we wanted to see fit. Our very own DPP, whose methods are extremely questionable, (i thought he should have been in the dock for the mockery he made of the profession) was made to seem like a fool in front of the gallery. DPP, righhhhht.

A lot of laws were broken, judging from what I have studied during my time in Law college (which I still am) but if the police need to comply with their own law, what governs the MACC? or are they above the law?

The question that begs for an answer is, why did he apparently commit suicide? When he had so many things to live for? A question, we will never know the answer to.

Following my racism blog, I read of a new topic in regards to a DAP party member. Nga Kor Ming and his racist jibe. Controversial again. "Minister Hitam Metalic". What the f*** is that all about? Karpal, please keep a hold on your members. On a leash, please. I read that he has come out with a public apology, but dude, what's done is done. You have single handedly tarnished the reputation that your party has strived to deliver. One rotten egg, leads to the whole basket being thrown away. BURNT!

Latest update! read this here. Read this today from FB, after a friend of mine, Tatt, posted this. Again, stirring issues like this. Three Party members, (Read it, i wont say which party) delievered cakes to the MP of penang, shaped in human excrement. Shameful display. This is childish behaviour. I cannot guarantee that this is true, but if it was. Embarassing, extremely. How are we surviving in this place if excrement shaped cakes are being passed to MP's.

I think our nephews and nieces who are toddlers, don't even do something like that. On top of that, a cake in the shape of number 4 has been sent. How and why, it puzzles even the greatest minds. Though i'm sure, they sleep sound at night. I hope this doesn't show up in international media, (though i wouldn't bet on it) cause if it does, Malaysia will be in deep shit. Pun intended!

There are too many issues that I would love to raise here, but if I did, I believe blogger may actually impose a word limit! I shall try to put in more post as the days keep coming. cheers!

P.S : I hope no cake fight goes on, then the shit would really hit the fan!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The first say

I created this blog, as the title says, to be liberal and to be fair and just. My views are very unbiased, as I prefer not to be perceived as anti-government. I only speak my mind as I intend to give my readers, purely, a sense of awareness at what they should be looking at. I speak only as a neutral, rather than a bias. And this, is only MY opinion.

I have no qualms about speaking my mind about what the top management has said, whether its via twitter, facebook or even in the newspapers neither do i get sleepless night on condemning the opposition on certain stances they have. As i said, I say what i see fit to be said.

I shall try and work my way retrospectively to events that we all have seen and been through, that make us feel less proud to be a Malaysian. First topic of the day, is our newly tabled Peaceful Assembly Bill. Yeap, a newly tabled act for Peaceful Assemblies. When I had heard of this, I refused to get my hopes up, strictly thinking that there is a catch behind this. Boy, was I right. My sentiments were shared in the same context as paragraph 4 of this article. Though, I will not draw myself into a corner and put myself in the spotlight, showing people that I am anti-govt. I AM NOT.

This bill was passed in the Dewan Rakyat, with 3 opposition members. Only 3. They were allowed by Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia, the speaker of the house of commons, or Dewan Rakyat. Opposition had called for this bill to be reviewed and 6 amendments were made to the bill. When the newly amended bill was called to the table, opposition had staged a walkout.

Hardly a leadership quality, if you ask me. This bill was passed with NOT A SINGLE DISSENTING VOTE. If the opposition had sat there, they could have done something. Not a real guarantee, but they could have said, at least we tried. This is not a western country, where if the opposition walks out, the meeting is adjourned and the act will be reviewed once again. Not the case here, not at all.

This bill, was made to appease the citizens, apparently. Looking at it, I feel its more Curbing Peaceful Assemblies Act. It does give almost absolute powers to parties involved. First part of the bill, gives the OCPD (Officer in-Charge of Police District) powers to set restrictions and conditions for the assembly to take place. If, the host finds this too demanding, he may then appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs. Wait, hang on a moment. Hmmm, I stand corrected, it gives ABSOLUTE POWERS! In addition to that, if he does not comply with the rules, a RM 10,000 fine is in order. (Combo Breaker Baby!!) This does not take the cream of the cake yet.

2nd part of the bill, states that there cannot be a street protest, or within 50 metres of any "prohibited places" such as places of worship, airports, schools, petrol stations, railway stations and hospitals (Whoops, i wonder who fired tear gas there? hmmm) Where does that leave us, the Rakyat, to voice out? Stadium Merdeka? Stadium Shah Alam? Fat chance of getting those venues. If this is interpretation of freedom to assemble, I would hate to think what the story would be like if a State of Emergency is declared.

Anywhere with a street is out of the question, and generally, that means EVERYWHERE! Boo you. Cherry topped off with chocolate sprinkles on the cream this is. The piece de resistance.

However, the BAR council has decided to challenge this, by staging a march to the Parliament on the 29th of November 2011 to protest the sham that is this bill, Quoted from the story above. No stories I have read subsequently seemed to indicate the outcome of this march. Could they already have been informed? or was there insufficient time to notify? *shrugs* Bravo, BAR council. Bravo.

I am a fan of freedom, whether its freedom of speech to assembling for the right cause. I hate to think where we would be 20 years down the line, heck make that 5. With opposition not even standing their ground, choosing to walk out of that meeting or an Act such as this is created. Hardly an enticing thought if you ask me, should this carry on. Wouldn't you agree? I don't want this country to sink any further to the point of no return, no climbing out. For what the future holds, I don't know, but I cling on to that tiny glimmer of hope, that change is possible. I really do.

Signing off.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thoughts on racism.

This past 10 years or less, we see racism going on a massive rampage. However, these racist remarks I refer to, comes from our top management. I always started raging when they start using racist comments such as "cina boleh balik china la" and what not. I felt disgusted and hurt by comments made these people who are running our govt.

For example, one person who probably has racist Tattoed on his head, is, I shall not divulge. But you should know who la. One clue, he stutters. That's all I'm going to say. After watching what interviews he has done, he has branded himself as one hell of a racist man though it takes no genius to style himself a racist. He takes it very personally to insult each and every race he knows ( maybe including ones he made up, who knows) I tried to understand the reasons why, but in a fit of rage, I could hardly bring myself to a state of calmness to decipher the words of this man.

Hardly a day had gone by and posts of this man had slowly gone viral among Malaysians on Facebook. The various comments that were posted on these videos were laced with such poison, that no cure could have been found. But no one seem to get the right word to describe this whole drama. Up till today, I still think there are no words to describe what he had said and the furore that he created. His comments such as chinese should stay home, which he claimed was advise to the chinese community, however, did not seem like advise but that is up to you to judge.

Following this, in a recent meeting held by UMNO, a certain MP for Titiwangsa had claimed that he required only 70 % out of 32,000 votes from the malay voters in his constituency to retain his seat. Had he known that his statement would be brought into the world of youtube, he may have chosen to hold his tongue, or maybe not.

Watch it here

He claimed that us, chinese and indians, are purely customers and "saya akan mengendalikan mereka secara berasingan." Out of curiosity, what does that mean? why are we customers? Is this another case of cina should balik china and Indians should balik India? My ancestors may have been from China, but for generations, my family has been born and raised here is MALAYSIA. (fact) i think, all my readers are of the exact same sentiment. If i wasn't welcomed into this country, why give me an identification card? I'm damn sure you have the same exact IC i have, or pictures to prove i am wrong. We all will be waiting.

Imagine the time he spent doing all these calculations, and what he could have done instead? He could have thought a ways to serve the Rakyat in his constituency, then he wouldn't need to depend on these 22,400 votes. He could have won it with support of everyone. food for thought my dear friend.

I reckon this will not be the last we hear of racism from people who are supposedly leading us. Unbelievable what comes out of their mouth. If you have any more examples, let me know, i may just put in your examples into the edited version of this blog.

Signing off.