Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Maturity does not come with age.

I stumbled upon a little read, provided by a friend on Facebook, where Dr M stated that there was no need for debates between political parties due to the immaturity of the rakyat.

He goes on to further state that these debates will only bring out more issues as we, the rakyat, are too sentimental and emotional to handle the issues thrashed out. Click here to read. He then goes on and says that it will only show the stupidity of politicians involved in the debate.

This, I agree. Watching DSAI v Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek's debate was a realisation that our politicians are not able to debate. DSAI is an excellent speaker, the fluency and the eloquent points he delivered left his opponent eating his dust in almost every single issue discussed. 1 point to DSAI.

To further re-iterate the point of immaturity of politicians, out comes Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. Oooof! His statement, I believe is not of a politicians vision and mission towards his public image.

He childishly says "Anwar should not debate with Najib, he should debate with Saiful, his former aide who he sodomised"

1) If our PM is willing to go ahead with this, who are you to say this? S-G of UMNO and BN has no power over the president, or has the hierarchy gone upside down since I last checked.

2)If this is true, how are we going to ever believe in a party that has a man who speaks ever so childishly? Unbelievable. really. no joke.

I, as a lay person, would have not even thought about this (what more as an opposition party to DSAI)and he says it? Makes you wonder the capabilities of certain people doesn't it.

Read about Tengku Adnan's statement here.

As I always say, I read about this and blog. I hold no liabilities for what I decipher from articles written by others. Please do understand.

Anyways, would this debate come to our tubes anytime soon? only time will tell.

Signing off.

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