Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas carols, Santa Costumes and Police permits

I read this today. Read the article here

A quick update to this.

PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY ACT? NOT!! carolling has been nothing short of peaceful every year, with carollers brightening the lives of many christian and non christian rakyat in this country. You wonder in the future, if wedding kenduri's will need permits as they require to move around. Oh wait, what about Thaipusam? the throngs of Hindu's walking from their initial gathering site to batu caves. OH MY GOD! the horror of getting each and everyone's name. THE HORRORRRR!! ARGGGHHHH!!! It's becoming more troublesome day by day, wouldn't you say?

On the brightside, we have unifi now, maybe skype would be the best option for carolling. one call away, and boom! We have a festive cheer from your laptop/PC!! The day and age of Skynet (for those who have watched Terminator1-4) maybe coming true! *plays terminator theme*

Now you wonder, what is this country coming to. How much more can the jurisdiction of this act stretch? How do we cope? Hoi, people of the govt, if you are reading, think about it! Making it too difficult to live here. too difficult.

Signing Off.

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nutcaseat large said...

maybe malaysia will be first country where all assemblies is done online